“I will always be eternally grateful for the help and support both before & during the labour that Jenny provided us. I think with out her it wouldn’t have been such a positive experience. I’m sure Jenny saved me from a c-section & forceps intervention. Not only did she help calm me with reassuring words & lovely back rubs! She also bought us time with the doctors to get the birth we had worked so hard for. On top of that Jenny kept the hubby calm giving him guidance & support. Jenny’s knowledge is so powerful in a room were you can feel completely lost. She explained all the jargon the doctors use & helped me understand what my options were. Sometimes I felt she knew more than the midwifes in the room. Both me & my husband agreed it was the best money ever spent!”

Rachel S M

“Thank you, Jenny, for being so supportive and reassuring through my pregnancy and birth! I had the most amazing birth – it was so intimate, calm and powerful! During my pregnancy Jenny was very reassuring and supported me in every way possible – that allowed me to stay very relaxed about birth during my whole pregnancy, do all my activities (I played tennis up to 1 week before I gave birth) and still work almost till the very end. She is an amazing professional midwife and I will recommend all new mums to book her in. I am a Hypnobirthing mum and again here Jenny supported me and my husband fully. I did not need any gas and air or any other pain killers – just my breathing techniques and some mists of lavender and essential oils (Jenny is very knowledgeable about that too – so do ask her if she is supporting you). My labour was 45 minutes and birth 45 minutes with the third stage at 15 minutes! It was so easy! Jenny made it so easy for us! My husband was very nervous at first but then with Jenny on his side and knowledge of Hypnobirthing he was so calm (so I felt) that I stayed calm and we worked as a great team!

And the best part was after the birth when we booked Jenny for 4 weeks of post natal care. My breastfeeding was great as the baby latched properly and Jenny was guiding me if I had any questions. We had some issues with NHS GP and Jenny was again there to resolve them and help us!
When my husband went away after 1 week post birth to work, Jenny was my rock and we had great fun during bath time and feeding!
I cannot thank her enough! And will be back for our second baby in due course :)”

Katya A

[Closing the Bones Postnatal Treatment]
“I definitely recommend the closing the bones session to any new mummy!
It was a really lovely (and much needed) me time and Jenny made it really respectful and relaxing.
I found it quite strong emotionally, in a good way! I would say it’s as much a spiritual experience as it is a physical relaxing time.
It almost felt like I was in Mexico!
Jenny was really nice, gentle and flexible.
Do not hesitate if you are interested: do it!”

Pauline P

“Jenny is a knowledgeable and passionate midwife who has helped prepare myself and my husband for the birth of our first baby. She is a kind and positive person and my husband and I both thoroughly enjoyed working with Jenny and learning from her all that she has to offer. Jenny left us feeling calm and excited about the birthing journey ahead and we are very thankful for the experience that she gave us. I highly recommend Jenny and the Birth ROCKS course to every pregnant woman and their birth partner. Thank you Jenny!”

Jenna DK

“I have to tell all the pregnant mummies about Jenny Birth Rocks-London my husband and I had a very bad time with our first baby being born and we were so anxious about this time around. We signed up to Jenny’s course and have done 2 sessions of the 4 so far and I have to say we BOTH found it really helpful. We feel empowered and very relaxed about our upcoming birth day and we could not recommend Jenny highly enough. My hubby NEVER normally talks about birth etc (very quiet) but has been talking NON STOP about the course and has been really hands on with the meditation “homework” that is amazing! if you are going to do any course i would HIGHLY recommend this one. will let you know how our final sessions go. I am so excited about them! …..

….. I left a Review for Jenny a few weeks back but Now that I have had My amazing baby and finished the course I wanted to share my full experience.

The second session was so much fun it was more hands on and my husband and I learned some amazing techniques to help with the rigors of labor. Again My Husband and I could not stop talking about the course and loved practising the relaxation and breathing and I really enjoyed the massage! Luckily we finished the course as a week later I went in to pre term labor and delivered James Tesla.

My Labour was very long and I ended up on a [syntocinon] drip BUT i did not need the epidural I used Most of the techniques taught to me by Jenny and even fell asleep Between contractions My husband helped with the massage and the affirmations and I had the most intimate and Joyous Labour with my informed and empowered husband by my side. AT the end of my labour my baby’s heart rate dropped and I was rushed for an Emergency Caesarian. AS a woman with awful hospital anxiety and after a HORRIFIC theatre experience with my first Jenny’s breathing practice really helped me to stay calm and on the rush to theatre I did her Breath the baby down… After a few mins of Being on the op table they checked me and baby was CROWNING! too late for a Caesarian and I was able to push my boy in to the world with help from Gas and air and Breathing the baby down.
This course helped me remain calm in a situation that I was TERRIFIED of i was having nightmares about needing another theatre trip for the whole pregnancy But this course helped me and my husband remain calm.
After when chatting to my husband he said HE was using some of the breathing to remain calm during the ” rushing bit” and he said that The course was helpful as he did not feel like a spare part It was OUR experience not just Mine.
I can Honestly say that Jenny helped me have a Perfect birth (so what if it was in the wrong room)
I could not recommend this course enough for EVERY pregnant woman it needs to be on the NHS.
As a woman who Is so scared of hospitals to be able to cope so well just with deep relaxation was so empowering, I really feel like I can do anything now.

Thank you SO much Jenny You are amazing and will never really know the impact of your course on my family. I can not wait to do it all again!!!!!! “

Marion N

“I’m a FTM who didn’t know much about labour before getting pregnant but was pretty freaked out! Jenny gave me great advice and a lot of useful information. Her positive and jovial mood as well as her relaxing techniques and her midwifery knowledge definitely helped me put this whole daunting labour experience into perspective. Thanks again x ”

Laurence D

“Jenny Is passionate about working with and providing support to women in the perinatal period

Nicola B