Rebozo stack Copyright Jenny Gough watermark.pngA Rebozo is a traditional Mexican scarf/shawl, commonly used throughout life from birth to death. Whether as a tool to soothe and relax, keep warm, carry or for one of its many other uses, they were seen as a staple item in any woman’s life.

I offer this technique as part of my services, and also run workshops for birth workers to share my knowledge (book here). In these workshops you will be shown and have chance to practice all the techniques I discuss.

I demonstrate and use the rebozo in a number of ways:

  • As a massage tool by gently supporting, sifting and encouraging the body to relax and adopt favourable positions. This may be in pregnancy, labour or postnatally, and is a great way of relieving any tensions and helping women to relax at this important time.
  • In labour by assisting women into supported positions, allowing the muscles to relax and letting the body work effectively.
  • To help the baby into a favourable position prior to labour, by gently encouraging relaxation of uterine muscles/ligaments and allowing baby to manoeuvre themselves with support.Rebozo workshop double pull copyright Jenny Gough watermark.png
  • As part of a Closing the Bones ceremony after baby is born – the sooner the better, but this can be beneficial at any time (even years later!). This can also be used to heal people after other stressful periods in life, and is not just associated with childbirth. The rebozo is used in this ceremony to massage and relax women, and also to gently ease bones and ligaments back into their pre-pregnant state. This is often combined with an abdominal massage to further release tensions, and encourage the bladder and uterus to return to their pre-pregnant positions.
  • To carry baby after birth in a similar way to using a wrap or ring sling.

You can click here to watch some external videos showing the techniques I may use (these are for information only and not intended for training purposes)

If you are interested in using the rebozo during pregnancy, birth or postnatally, contact me here or email

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