PregnancyAs your midwife I will dedicate time to yourself and your family, allowing us to build a trusting relationship and giving you the chance to share your journey with a familiar face. I will help you to achieve the experience you want by providing high quality, evidence based care and helping you to explore all of your options fully. I am here to support you throughout your pregnancy by monitoring yourself and your baby’s well being, whilst assisting you to prepare for life with your newborn baby.

Continuity of carer has been proven to improve outcomes for women and babies, resulting in:
“…effective care, a better experience, improved clinical outcomes… improved access to care by women who find services hard to reach and better co-ordination of care with specialist and obstetric services”

(RCM – Royal College of Midwives)

Bookings may include:

  • Antenatal consultation and clinical examination
  • Birth preparation/antenatal classes (including hypnobirthing and parent craft)
  • Infant feeding advice
  • Accompanying you to additional hospital or scan appointments
  • Liaising with other health professionals on your behalf, where appropriate
  • Rebozo for relieving tension and optimal positioning of baby

(If you have an additional request, please ask.)

I can provide the care you need throughout your pregnancy with a tailored package of visits and support, or a one off appointment if you prefer. You will be seen by myself at every appointment and also introduced to a second, back up midwife if you wish for me to care for you during your birth too. I am qualified and registered to provide you with complete maternity care, or work alongside your obstetrician if additional input is required.

There are no time constraints and many visits last between 1-2 hours, giving you time to cover any questions you may have and explore your options fully. If you book a package of care, I am also available between appointments for those extra questions and reassurance when needed.

If you are entitled to NHS care, you may wish to continue attending some appointments for screening such as blood tests and scans, or you may decide to arrange all care privately. It is recommended that you book with your chosen NHS hospital for at least one appointment to aid access to their services if needed.

For further details, please contact me by emailing or calling 07510436626.

Alternatively, you can use the contact form.

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