jenny-gough-jenny-the-midwife-with-baby-watermarkYou may have chosen to have me as your midwife right from conception, or we may meet in the postnatal period for the first time.
Support is an essential ingredient for the postnatal recovery of mums and can help you to build the new skills and confidence you need to nurture yourself and your new baby.

I offer a number of services in the postnatal period, including:

  • rachel-s-m-dad-baby-going-home-watermarkPrivate Midwifery Care: I am available for one off appointments or full packages of care. I will provide support, information and reassurance to guide you through the early weeks and months with your new baby whilst helping you to adjust to life as parents of your new addition. This may include physical checks, a listening ear, demonstrating and discussing new skills and ideas (such as bathing, nappy changing, safe sleeping, feeding baby, nutrition for you), informing you of other local services available, newborn screening tests, supporting your postnatal recovery and more. I am flexible to meet your requirements and no question is too silly.
  • Infant Feeding Support: One off appointments or packages are available to support you on your journey. You may just wish for a little reassurance, or perhaps you want some support and ideas as you overcome any obstacles along the way. I will stay with you as your baby feeds to offer advice and help you and your baby to develop your new skill.
  • Rebozo (Closing the Bones and Abdominal Massage): This is a traditional Mexican technique using a long woven piece of material to gently heal and relieve tension in your body following baby’s birth. You may feel ready after just a few days or weeks, or perhaps you have decided to take time to focus on ‘you’ after a few years. You will feel the benefits whenever you are ready.
  • rachel-s-m-baby-in-blanket-watermarkStem Cell collection (Cord Blood and Tissue): Banking your newborn baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells can assist in the future treatment of blood based diseases such as Leukaemia. Cord blood and tissue is the source of stem cells which can be used in vast variety of conditions, and are a base for regenerative medicine future developments (taken shortly after the birth – delayed cord clamping still possible).

Please take a look at the individual links above for further information, or feel free to contact me here.