Labour & Birth

dec-2015-pool-home-birth-jenny-gough-watermarkYou may choose to have me by your side as the lead carer at your home birth, or perhaps waiting and listening from the neighbouring room as you find a safe space without distractions. I will respect your informed choices and protect your chosen environment to support you in achieving the birth right for you. You will be introduced to a second, trusted, midwife during your pregnancy who may be be present at the birth to provide an extra pair of hands as 2 become 3 (or more!).

jenny-gough-jenny-the-midwife-at-pool-birth-dec-2015-watermarkIf you wish to birth in hospital (or need to be transferred) I will accompany you and your partner as your advocate, and can remain with you during your labour and birth. Many women find that the presence of a trusted midwife familiar to them can improve their experience; I will ensure your questions are answered and that you feel safe and confident during childbirth.

I carry all the necessary equipment including emergency supplies, and update my skills regularly in line with NMC revalidation requirements.

rachel-s-m-mum-dad-baby-after-birth-watermarkI offer a number of options for labour and birth, including:

  • Private Midwife at home: Constant care and support at your home birth from a midwife who knows your wishes
  • Birth Support: Having got to know you antenatally, I will support you in hospital, providing advocacy and reassurance throughout your labour and birth
  • Rebozo: Comfort techniques and optimal positioning of baby in labour and birth
  • Stem Cell collection (with Future Health): I can attend the birth to assist you in banking your newborn baby’s stem cells by obtaining a sample from their umbilical cord blood/tissue. These can be used for the future treatment of blood based diseases such as Leukaemia (delayed cord clamping and other birth options still possible).

Feel free to contact me here if you have any further questions, or email

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Support from a trusted midwife known to you