Bespoke Antenatal, Labour, Birth & Postnatal services in London

I am a registered, practising Midwife (private and NHS) with a passion for promoting individual choice and preparation for expectant and new parents. Those best placed to make choices in the childbearing period are the parents themselves, and I offer my services to help them do just that.

I have an honest and positive approach, and respect all choices and circumstances. I aim to ensure that parents are given the best possible chance to enjoy, learn, relax, prepare and cope at this time, and am privileged enough to do so through my work.

I update my knowledge regularly using the best available evidence, and regularly attend conferences, meetings and courses at which I have the opportunity to learn from others within my field.

As per UK laws and regulations, I am a Registered Midwife with the NMC (Nursing & Midwifery Council) and have a named Supervisor of Midwives. My indemnity insurance – a necessity for all Independent/Private Midwives – is provided through UK Birth Centres.

I have been working in maternity services since beginning my training 10 years ago, and have gathered a wealth of experience in both low and high risk settings, in the hospital and at home. I also have experience of the maternity care system in Greece. I am confident attending both home and hospital births, and am able to adapt my working styles to suit many different circumstances.

NMC PIN: 10K0460E

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“I will always be eternally grateful for the help and support both before & during the labour that Jenny provided us. I think with out her it wouldn’t have been such a positive experience. I’m sure Jenny saved me from a c-section & forceps intervention. Not only did she help calm me with reassuring words & lovely back rubs! She also bought us time with the doctors to get the birth we had worked so hard for. On top of that Jenny kept the hubby calm giving him guidance & support. Jenny’s knowledge is so powerful in a room were you can feel completely lost. She explained all the jargon the doctors use & helped me understand what my options were. Sometimes I felt she knew more than the midwifes in the room. Both me & my husband agreed it was the best money ever spent!”

Rachel S M

“I’m a FTM who didn’t know much about labour before getting pregnant but was pretty freaked out! Jenny gave me great advice and a lot of useful information. Her positive and jovial mood as well as her relaxing techniques and her midwifery knowledge definitely helped me put this whole daunting labour experience into perspective. Thanks again x ”

Laurence D